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Hot Topics in 2023

Shortlisted topics for multistate insurance program changes

Vehicle Technology/Cyber

We continue to monitor changes to the technology used in modern vehicles, including computer systems, software, electronic data, and cyber incidents.

Communicable Diseases

We'll introduce a new optional Communicable Disease exclusion endorsement. It will exclude transmission of a communicable disease from covered autos liability coverage under all ISO Commercial Auto coverage forms. 

Electric Vehicles

We continue to monitor the shift towards hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs), and exploring related insurance implications and opportunities.

Vehicle Sharing

We continue to track the growing popularity of Vehicle Sharing programs, and specifically, their application and potential impact on the Commercial Auto program. Staff is also currently reviewing Rule 75. to potentially address Vehicle Sharing. 

Major Projects

New Commercial Auto Class Plan/Rules Manual 

We're in the process of filing a new Commercial Auto manual/class plan, including that which was included in the Optional Class Plan (OCP). This new class plan will enable insurers to better classify risks, and thus enhance their pricing and underwriting decisions. 

Motor Carrier Coverage Form Revisions 

We're revising several provisions of the Motor Carrier Coverage Form (CA 00 20) in order to better reflect evolutions in the trucking insurance market, motor carrier operations and trends in related case law. These changes include revisions to the Who Is An Insured and Other Insurance provisions.

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John Papa

John Papa is a product development specialist for commercial auto products at Verisk. In 2015, John joined Verisk, starting in the publications support division before moving to the auto compliance team and finally to his current role. In addition to his work in product development, John is also a solutions architect for Verisk’s Emerging Issues team with a focus on commercial auto insurance, exploring topics like auto hacking and other cyber risks.

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More than 95% of commercial vehicles are classified as local radius. How do you confirm the correct class? RadiusCheck™ uses cutting-edge technology to take on-site photos of vehicles, matching them to your portfolio.