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Emerging Cyber Risks in the Automotive Ecosystem

What are some of the key cyber risks facing the automotive market?

In this Emerging Issues webinar, special guest Giuseppe Serio, the Vice President of Market Development for the automotive cybersecurity and data management firm Upstream, explains how a new ecosystem of risk surrounding the automotive market could change how we think about vehicle cybersecurity.

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Trends in PFAS Research

PFAS or "forever chemicals" have become a mounting public health crisis, contaminating drinking water and soil across the U.S. and the world. In this webinar, Dr. Rainer Lohmann, Professor at the University of Rhode Island and Director of STEEP (Sources, Transport, Exposure & Effects of PFAS), highlights current trends in PFAS research. Learn more about the chemistry of PFAS, their health effects, and current efforts to regulate, replace, or remediate PFAS.

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Understanding the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis laws continue to evolve across the United States. Sean Arnold, founder of the cannabis consulting firm Terradigm Consulting, shares his unique insights on the latest developments in the cannabis industry that may help reveal both potential risk exposures and new opportunities for insurers.

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Grey Swans and Black Elephants: Why We Keep Getting Surprised and What We Can Learn

Rade Musulin, a Principal at Finity Consulting in Sydney, Australia, shares his insights on crises where the sudden onset of unforeseen risks led to serious financial turmoil and major changes in risk management. History is full of examples of such crises—the great financial crisis, Hurricane Andrew, and COVID-19, to name a few—that have caught society by surprise. But should they have? These "grey swans" or "black elephants" were unanticipated, but in hindsight were simply hiding in plain sight.

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An Introduction to Blockchain

In this 2016 webinar, Paul Zurek of Blockchain LLC, offers an overview of blockchain technology.

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An Introduction to 3D Printing

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, has a range of potential uses: from building small toys to machine parts and even full-sized homes. In this Emerging Issues webinar, Jim Snodgrass from Stratasys provides an overview of 3D printing technology. (Webinar aired: April 2019.) 

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